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Adidas Runners, Manila leg officially launches in PH

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adidas brings adidas Runners in the Philippines and officially launched Adidas Runners Manila last August 16. Adidas Runners is a global running movement to energize, support and unite runners all over the world. It's a community open to anyone looking to inject fun into their routine – get ready to train fierce, perform strong, and party to the end.

We got the chance to experience the warm up and drills which will also be used during the actual AR(adidas Runners) sessions. And Manila is the first city in the Philippines to get activated and got part of the adidas Runners network

According to one of the coaches(Ric) we met, this is just the start as eventually more cities will be covered by Adidas Runners Manila. There will be weekly sessions(where some can be twice or thrice a week) where different key areas of the body will be focused on. It's not just about running.

You'll not only improve your health but also self-discipline. It's a chance for you to join something big where you can be healthy while having fun, gaining new friends and pushing yourself beyond what you normally do.

Unveiled in key cities around the world, adidas Runners will push participants to the next level with a run hard, play hard mentality. Members of all levels will enjoy personalized milestone plans, expert coaching and unique rewards to help them smash their personal goals. Sharing exclusive local experiences with a new network of people guarantees serious fun in the process.

You think you have what it takes to be part of Adidas Runners Manila? Read the manifesto below!

The adidas Runners Manifesto
This is not just another sports club.
This is your favorite bar, your date you’ve been looking forward to for weeks.
It is the group of friends that keep you going and kick your ass so you stay on top.
This is not just about running.
This is about being your better self.
This is what you were looking for.
Like the massage that hurts and helps at the same time.
The wobbly knees you haven’t felt for so long.
The pain that feels good.
The party that is well deserved – and – you’re on the guest list.
This is the first step to creating your story of success.
You got this.
And we will help you get there.
This is fun taken seriously.

[caption id="attachment_1418" align="aligncenter" width="567"]Adidas Runners Manila afterparty @ ASCOTT BGC Adidas Runners Manila afterparty held at ASCOTT BGC[/caption]

AR Team Captains

In Manila, runs will be led by Captains Jules Aquino, Maureen Schrijvers, and Ani De Leon-Brown.

Jules Aquino

  • Part-time model

  • Decathlete for the UP Diliman Track and Field team–fitness

  • grew up competing in different sports–from swimming to tennis to American football

  • Also has aYouTube channel with his twin brother, to inspire others to start their fitness journey.

Maureen Schrijvers

  • loves running and started at a very young age

  • 2012 Palarong Pambansa, Gold Winner 100- and 200- meter dash events

  • lead the NCR’s secondary girls team to first place finishes in the 4-x-100 meter relay and the 4-x-400 meter relay.

  • Broke the secondary girls’ high jump record and was named MVP that year.

  • Competing in the UAAP and represented De La Salle University, being one of the top seeds of her generation.

Ani De Leon-Brown

  • the “Iron Lady” and the first Filipina to qualify and compete in the Ironman World Championship

  • Considered one of the most in demand triathlon coaches in the country.

"With AR Manila, we’re building a community that’s united by our love for running. As captains, we’re here to push our runners to get better each week and have fun doing it"

-Coach Ani

Aside from the Team Coaches, Adidas Runners also include full expert team including running coaches and pacers, a strength coach, nutrition coach and a medical coach to inspire and motivate all members to push for progress and get the most enjoyment out of each AR session.

A truly global network, members can feel at home in any city they visit by connecting with the adidas Runners squads around the world to run, create and party together whilst exploring the city.

[caption id="attachment_1407" align="aligncenter" width="462"]Jen Dacasin adidas PH Brand Communications and Sports Marketing Manager adidas Philippines Brand Communications and Sports Marketing Manager Jen Dacasin[/caption]
"Each urban runner has a different goal. Some want to smash a PB, some run to clear their mind, and others do it as a way to get fit. Whatever their reason, we know that runners are energized and motivated when they come together for the same passion and get to feel like they’re part of something bigger. adidas Runners Manila is us creating a network like never before. We want to unite all kinds of runners to do what they love— run— while at the same time have a great time."

- Jen Dacasin

How to join Adidas Runners Manila

  • Visit AdidasRunners to join

  • It's Free(as far as I know)

  • Though its not required, wear your best Adidas Running Gear which are made to keep you cool even on a hot temperature and keeps you looking good even w/ all that sweat.


If you love to run but can't find your flock or group yet, join AR Manila and have fun while getting fit. To learn more or to sign up for Adidas Runners Manila, visit You can also follow and join adidas Energy Running movement on Twitter and Instagram using #WHYIRUNMANILA

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